Primary Program

The Primary program is the foundation of the Montessori educational system.

This program offers long, uninterrupted work periods that allow children to fully engage in tasks that they have chosen for themselves, under the careful, individual guidance of their teachers.

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Elementary Program

The Montessori Environment: Elementary 6 to 12 years

Our Elementary Program includes a three-year experience in a Lower Elementary classroom for children ages 6 to 9 years old (1st through third grades) and a three-year experience in an Upper Elementary group for children 9 to 12 years old (4th through 6th grade). During these years, children are characterized by a reasoning mind, a thirst for knowledge, a sense of wonder, an attraction to peers and growth toward intellectual independence.

Elementary students are offered key lessons and Great Stories that invite them to explore the world around them from the farthest reaches of the cosmos to the smallest flower. Experiential materials continue to help the child explore the areas of geography, history, math, language, biology, geometry, music and Spanish. Most lessons are in small group format and assume a collaborative spirit and a social interest in learning alongside and from one’s peers.

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Middle School (Adolescent)

Our adolescent program (grades 7-8) offers a unique combination of academic work and field experiences within a small, safe community.

Teachers are subject matter specialists with additional Montessori training. Under their guidance, students participate in rigorous, individualized work.

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Enrichment Program

High Desert Montessori School offers programs for our students that need to be dropped off earlier than our regular start time and picked up later than the end of the day.  The “Before Care” and “After Care”  enrichment programs are an option for parents for a nominal fee.

We have very qualified assistants that run theses programs and activities are scheduled to help keep our students busy and occupied. An after school snack is provided to the students at no extra charge.

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