High Desert Montessori School offers a FREE public charter school for grades K-8 and a tuition based program for preschool aged children

We provide a safe, nurturing school environment that fosters independence, problem solving, and great works in our students. We offer tools to explore the universe through Montessori’s Cosmic Curriculum: the purpose to link all areas of human knowledge. We encourage all of our students to be participating members of a socially-conscious and green community by inspiring them to be critical thinkers and capable of reflection, communication, and action.

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"Thank you High Desert for challenging my children academically and teaching them social responsibility. Both my oldest and youngest son are able to work at a level that challenges them academically in every core academic class and then some. The ability of my sons to thrive and grow is only possible because of a highly-skilled, caring group of teachers, parents, and students."

"HDMS has been a great fit for our family, and we are so grateful to be members of the community. We recently relocated to Reno from a larger city where our daughter attended a Montessori program and the transition was rather seamless. We love that the HDMS Montessori program is a charter school, available to all families across Reno. Our daughter is enrolled in the Primary program and her teachers are everything we could've hoped for-- caring, respectful, communicative, and well-educated in the Montessori pedagogy and approach. Our daughter adores them, and we deeply appreciate the positive learning environment they create for her. Beyond the amazing teachers and curriculum, we have been so impressed with the school's leadership and administrative staff-- everyone at HDMS truly cares for the children and their families (especially during this tumultuous pandemic, which they've handled very well). The principal and executive director issue thoughtful perspectives and updates weekly via the school's newsletter which also includes updates from all grades/programs, keeping families well-informed and feeling like a part of a bigger community and mission. On top of all of that, the lunch program offers freshly prepared hot lunches made with wholesome ingredients. All said, we look forward to the years ahead at HDMS!"

"It's a great school for families looking for a more comprehensive approach to education than what can be offered in the traditional public school system. I like the sense of community within the school and also the amazing teachers who are incredible leaders in their classrooms and always looking out for what's best for each student."

"Our kids have been attending HDMS’s primary program for 2 years and we absolutely love it! The teachers have been amazing, and wonderful Montessori learning is taking place. My son has fallen in love with math and because of the philosophy about independence and learning at your own pace he has been able to go so far (compared to what is typically taught in kindergarten) and has really started gaining a love for learning. My kids have also learned more kindness, patience, and peaceful Interactions from this school. Plus, it’s a charter school so we are extremely thankful to have free, quality Montessori education through middle school!"

"This school as given my son the best opportunities to be a gracious, caring, empathetic, and curious human. We have loved every second of his 7 years at this school and the lifelong memories he has made."

"We feel so thankful that we found this Montessori school when we moved here. Our son is in kindergarten and started in the primary program when he was 3. His teacher is amazing with the children and is always responsive and available to meet or discuss anything. Our son has thrived in this school environment and we are excited that our daughter will also have the opportunity to go there in the fall. We live in the NW and feel the 20 min drive is well worth it for our son to get such a great education."

"I drive about 20 minutes just to take my child to this school. I really appreciate the teaching methods, love the teachers and staff, and the parents and the children too. The parents that bring their kids here CHOSE to put them in this school. They seem hands-on and involved in their children’s lives. Overall I’d give the school a 10 for all the things that I’m looking to get from a school: a safe positive place for my child to learn and grow in the way that works best for him."

"HDMS was the answer we were looking for when we discovered traditional public school was not the right fit for our family. Our children were bored in school and frustrated with hours of homework after school. There had to be a better way! Six years later and we have three thriving Montessori children who love going to school each day. They are independent, self-motivated children who love learning! We are forever grateful to have found a Montessori Charter school that serves ALL families, as we could not have afforded a Private School."

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School Expansion Project Updates

School Expansion Project – School Exterior

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Spring sure does look good on our newly renovated campus!

School Expansion Project – The Primary Playground

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The outdoor spaces for our Primary program are coming along beautifully. The landscaping is complete and the play structure has been installed. It's ready for our three to five year…

School Expansion Project – Exciting Progress on the Indoor Spaces

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The finishing touches are being put on the indoor spaces. Our 2,300 sq. ft. second story library is coming along beautifully. The multi-purpose space on the third story Adoolescent level…

School Expansion Project- South Courtyard Update

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The courtyard on the south side of the three story building has recently been completed.    This shared courtyard will serve three Primary classrooms on the south side of the…

School Expansion Project – Painting and Flooring in the Three-Story Building

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Progress continues on the three story renovation.  On the third floor, the ceiling and walls have been painted, and the first of the flooring has been laid.  The new classrooms…

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