Primary Donors ~ $500 and above

NV Energy

Thank you to NV Energy for partnering with us on their Solar Rebate Program.  In 2011, we received a rebate of $374,749 to offset the cost of the solar panel installation at our Orovada Campus. In 2014, we received an additional rebate of $600,592 to offset the cost of the solar panel installation at our Silverada Campus.  That’s a total of $975,341!  Thank you for helping our school to make huge strides in our efforts to be environmentally friendly!

Washoe County School District

We’re grateful to the Washoe County School District, who has been our sponsoring agent since the inception of our charter school.  We appreciate the support you provide to our school in so many different ways!


We’re thankful for the ongoing support of the HDMS PTO.  Our PTO regularly provides grants for Montessori Teacher Training, Montessori Classroom Materials, Staff Appreciation Gifts, and most recently, a 3D tour of our newly remodeled Silverada 1-story Campus.  We appreciate your ongoing fundraising and support!

The Lawrence Family

We’d like to thank The Lawrence Family who has donated over $40,000 to HDMS over the past two years.

“We are passionate about the HDMS program, the wonderful, caring staff and the wonderful ways children are being taught to be good human beings. It’s important in this crazy world right now. Thank you for everything!”

Thank you Lawrence Family for your generosity and support!

Kids on Big Rigs

We’re grateful for our partnership with Kids on Big Rigs community event, which donates a portion of it’s proceeds each year in exchange for volunteer staffing from the HDMS community.  Kids on Big Rigs is our largest PTO fundraiser each year!


Thanks to Peterbuilt Truck Parts & Equipment of Sparks for their generous donation of $14,000 to our PTO as part of a Kids on Big Rigs fundraising match program.

The Home Depot

Our thanks to the Northtowne Home Depot for gifting us five gorgeous picnic tables, several benches for our outdoor areas, and shade structures for our new water bottle filling stations.  We’re grateful to Home Depot Corporate for granting us their Community Impact Grant, which covered all of the needed supplies, and for the employees at the Northtowne store for volunteering their time and efforts in building the benches and tables.

Under the Redwoods Photography

Thanks to HDMS parent Melanie Underwood of Under the Redwoods Photography who donates her time and talents to take lovely, professional photos of our staff each year.


Thanks to Tesla for providing a multi-year Robotics grant to get our FIRST Lego League Robotics program up and running!  This generous grant included a robot, building accessories, a practice table and registration
fees for our students.  FIRST LEGO League introduces science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to children through fun, exciting hands-on learning.

Great Full Gardens

Thanks to Great Full Gardens for their generous donation of a green house to our school.  The addition of this greenhouse enables our gardening programs to be extended throughout the school year!

Brian Haskell Dickson Realty

We’re grateful to HDMS parent Brian Haskell who recently made a $600 donation toward our school van fundraising efforts. Thank you for helping us progress toward our goal!

NV Lic. # S.0188693

Car Loans Inc.

We’re grateful to Car Loans Inc. for donating a 14 passenger van to our school.  The donation of this van has enabled our students to get out and about in the community, take onsite Creative Expression classes, and go on countless “going out” field trips.

Coconut Bowl

Thanks to Coconut Bowl, who offers HDMS Adolescent students a discounted rate on bowling during school hours.  This allows students in Creative Expression Classes a fun and unique experience.

Reno Bike Project

We’re grateful for to the Reno Bike Project for partnering with our Adolescent program each year to provide Biking Creative Expression Classes.  Each year they provide a fun and healthy option for our Adolescent Students.  Participants in the class are gifted a shirt, water bottle and helmet and enjoy top notch instruction and the use of high quality bicycles. These students develop skills and confidence in bike handling, legal road cycling, route mapping, healthy habits, and beyond! Thank you Reno Bike Project!

North Peak Climbing and Fitness Center

Thanks to North Peak Climbing and Fitness Center who offers HDMS students a discounted rate on climbing during school hours.  This allows students in P.E. and Creative Expression Classes a fun and unique P.E. experience, while promoting physical and mental strength, confidence, strength and focus.

Nevada Wildlife Record Book

Thanks to the Nevada Wildlife Record Book for their ongoing support of the HDMS Archery program.  The NWRB granted funds for our initial equipment purchase, as well as funds to subsidize range fees from 2020-2022 during the HDMS renovation and expansion project.  Without their generous support, our Archery program could not have continued.  Thank you NWRB!

Nevada Bighorns Unlimited

Thanks to Nevada Bighorns Unlimited for subsidizing range fees for the HDMS Archery program for the 2019-2020 school year.  Without their generous support, our Archery program could not have continued.  Thank you NBU!

High Desert Archery Range

Thank you to High Desert Archery Range for providing discounted rates for both our Adolescent Creative Expression Archery students and our after school Upper El Archery students for several years during the building renovation.  Thank you for providing a space for our archers to practice and compete!

McClain's Mobile DJ

Thanks to McClain’s Mobile DJ who provided free DJ services for our first ever “Drive In Graduation” at the end of the 2020 school year. What a kind gesture during a very unique and uncertain time.

Foster Grandparents

We’re grateful to the Foster Grandparent program for providing longstanding support for our reading program.  HDMS students love reading with our Foster Grandparents!

ERA Realty

Thank you to ERA Realty who donated $5000 for the purchase of beautiful new classroom furniture.

Ormat Technologies

Thank you to Ormat Technologies for their donation of $500 toward our renovation projects.

Pacific Mist Music

We’re grateful to Pacific Mist Music for perpetually donating 20% of the profit from the in school private music lessons they teach on our campus.

Reno Paint Mart

Thanks to Reno Paint Mart for regularly offering discounts on and donations of paint to HDMS!  Thank you for helping to beautify our school!

City of Reno

Thanks to the City of Reno for the donation of several truck loads of mulch which was used to beautify our outdoor spaces at our Silverada building.

National Fish & Wildlife Foundation

We’re grateful to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation for helping to improve our outdoor spaces.  HDMS was the recipient of two Schoolyard Habitat grants totaling $8620 which supplied native plants used to beautify  and landscape our outdoor spaces.

Michelle's Piano Tuning

A big thank you to Michelle’s Piano Tuning who provides annual piano tuning and repair services for our pianos.

Dennis Banks Construction

We’d like to thank our community partner Dennis Banks Construction for their recent donation of $500 to our yearbook program.

Additional Donors ~ $100-$500

doTerra Essential Oils

doTerra Essential Oils

We’re thankful to doTerra Independent Wellness Advocate Amanda Herringshaw for her recent donation of $100 toward our fundraising efforts for an additional school van.

Parker Phariss

We’re grateful to HDMS parent Parker Phariss for his recent donation of $100 toward our fundraising efforts for an additional school van.

Legacy Auto Glass

We’re grateful to Alex with Legacy Auto Glass who repaired our school van window at no charge to us!  What a generous and kind gesture!

Legacy Auto Glass