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School Expansion Project – The Three-Story Building Gets a Paint Job!

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The concrete portions of three story building are currently being painted to match the concrete sections of the Silverada One-Story building.  This will add a cohesive feel to the campus and tie our two buildings together visually.  Between the recently installed new windows and the fresh paint, the façade of our Three-Story building is beginning to have an updated feel and look!

School Expansion Project – Work Begins on the New Entryway Plaza at Silverada Building Complex

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The massive remodel project of our Silverada Building Complex is happening in phases.

Last year, our One-Story Silverada building was remodeled, and with that, the “Main Entrance” of the school was moved from the Silverada side of the building to the Fantastic Drive side.  This summer, a complete overhaul of that new school entrance is being completed.   By the beginning of the 2021-22 school year, we will have a beautiful new entryway plaza with lively vegetation, natural seating areas, welcoming shade, and even comfortable outdoor learning spaces!

This is a photo taken from just above the Visitors Entrance door just before demolition began:

And here is what the same area looks like now!

Another shot of the area pre-demolition:

And here is the progress made!

We are so excited for the time when all of our outdoor spaces reflect the beauty of our indoor spaces.  This project is a great step towards that goal!

School Expansion Project – Three-Story Building is being Gutted!

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Have you driven by the three-story Silverada building recently and noticed the a fenced-off construction zone and a large orange chute that drops down to a waste removal truck?  That’s the sign that exciting things are happening inside the building!

The building is currently being “gutted” or stripped down to the structural components.  Walls, flooring, ceilings and fixtures are being removed in preparation of the upcoming complete remodel of all 30,000 square feet of this building. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s happening inside!

School Expansion Project – The One-Story Elementary Wing of the Silverada Complex is Complete!

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The One-Story Elementary Wing of the Silverada Complex is Complete!  All we need now is the smoke to clear so that these beautiful new spaces can be full of happily working children!

Ms. Laura’s Reception Area:

Mr. Eric’s Office:

Multi-Purpose Space:

Outdoor Learning Environment:

Ruby Classroom:

Excelsior Classroom:

Candelaria Classroom:

Crystal Peak Classroom:

Sierra Classroom:

Stillwater Classroom: