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School Expansion Project – Exciting Progress on the Indoor Spaces

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The finishing touches are being put on the indoor spaces. Our 2,300 sq. ft. second story library is coming along beautifully.

The multi-purpose space on the third story Adoolescent level will serve many purposes. It will serve as a lunch room, a young adult library, a learning space, a kitchenette, and an indoor archery range.  This 2,500 sq. ft. space will be in almost constant use!

Speaking of spaces on our third story, check out this incredible science room for our Adolescent Program!

We couldn’t be more thrilled about how beautifully the renovation is turning out!

School Expansion Project- North Courtyard Update

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The courtyard between the three story building and the one story buildings has recently been refreshed.  This area has always been difficult to keep looking good because of it’s location on the north side of the three story building.  Direct sunlight is rare in this area so grass has always failed to grow.  The solution was to lay synthetic grass in the entire courtyard.  The wrought iron fence down the middle will separate outdoor areas for the Primary and Elementary programs.  We’re so pleased with how bright and colorful the area outside of our classroom windows now looks!

School Expansion Project – The Three-Story Building Gets a Paint Job!

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The concrete portions of three story building are currently being painted to match the concrete sections of the Silverada One-Story building.  This will add a cohesive feel to the campus and tie our two buildings together visually.  Between the recently installed new windows and the fresh paint, the façade of our Three-Story building is beginning to have an updated feel and look!