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School Expansion Project

School Expansion Project – Cement Core Samples

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The One-Story Elementary wing of our building complex is officially occupied and work on the Three-Story building has already begun!  This week, Cement Core Sampling was done on the concrete walls and floors of our building.  Tests will be run on these core samples which will reveal the structural integrity of the building and indicate what, if any, structural retrofits must take place during the renovation process.

School Expansion Project – Plans Revealed for Elementary to Move to a Unified Silverada Campus

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2020 is the year in which HDMS will finally see our dream of having a unified campus begin. We are officially in escrow with the Orovada building and have accepted an offer on the empty lot which was approved by the HDMS Board on December 9th. Our team continues to meet with architects, engineers, Redhook (Project Manager), and Reno City Planners. We also have the preliminary concept drawings of the Silverada outdoor plan. We are on track with our plan for summer 2020 renovation of the 1 story Silverada building which will house all of the elementary classrooms next school year.

This is the current layout of the 1 story Silverada building:

And this is the preliminary floor plan for the changes taking place this summer.

This summer’s remodel will allow for a unified campus for all of our current elementary classrooms as well as providing space for growth. During the renovation process on the 3 story building, which will take approximately 18-24 months, our Primary and Adolescent programs will be located at the Orovada building. After that renovation process is complete, we will finally realize our dream of the entire school being located at the same campus!

School Expansion Project – Board Votes to Sell Orovada Building & Empty Lot

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High Desert Montessori School completed a monumental step towards expanding our school facilities in the last week!

High Desert Montessori is selling the Orovada building and adjacent empty lot.  We will be moving the entire school to the Silverada side of the street which includes the current 1 story building and a complete renovation of the 3 story building which will give us 53,000 square feet of indoor space. We plan to lease the Orovada building until we receive our Certificate of Occupancy for the 3 story building. Our timeline for completion of this project is about 2 years out. In addition, we will be renovating our outdoor spaces to include 63,000 square feet of gardens, playgrounds and open spaces for our students to enjoy. The school is working with JK Architecture and they will be presenting our final concept renderings soon. If you are interested in attending, facilities expansion is discussed monthly at the PTO and HDMS Board meetings. We thank the HDMS Board of Directors for their vision and support of this important project which will take HDMS into a new and exciting phase as a school.