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June 2021

School Expansion Project – Work Begins on the New Entryway Plaza at Silverada Building Complex

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The massive remodel project of our Silverada Building Complex is happening in phases.

Last year, our One-Story Silverada building was remodeled, and with that, the “Main Entrance” of the school was moved from the Silverada side of the building to the Fantastic Drive side.  This summer, a complete overhaul of that new school entrance is being completed.   By the beginning of the 2021-22 school year, we will have a beautiful new entryway plaza with lively vegetation, natural seating areas, welcoming shade, and even comfortable outdoor learning spaces!

This is a photo taken from just above the Visitors Entrance door just before demolition began:

And here is what the same area looks like now!

Another shot of the area pre-demolition:

And here is the progress made!

We are so excited for the time when all of our outdoor spaces reflect the beauty of our indoor spaces.  This project is a great step towards that goal!