Ms. Kari - Special Education

Ms Kari is a mother of two who worked with specialized instruction; one Gifted and Talented, one dual-certified between Gifted and Talented along with special education. She worked in a preschool setting before attending university to become a teacher. Ms Kari’s university work include a Bachelor of Arts diploma for kindergarten thought 8th grade with highly qualified credentials for middle school ELA and mathematics. Ms Kari also holds a Masters of Science for special education, kindergarten though 12th grade.

Ms. Autumn - Special Education

Autumn Reeder is a Special Education teacher at HDMS.  She has worked all over the Bay Area from Kinder to 12th grade and in Reno for 3 years before joining the HDMS team.  She enjoys living and working in Reno because she loves spending time with her extended family. When Autumn isn’t teaching and writing IEP’s she is a Jane-of-all-trades. She enjoys gardening, sewing, cooking, skiing, restoring vintage campers, watching baseball and raising chickens along with her husband and two daughters. Autumn’s personal teaching philosophy is that if you are willing to work hard, try again and embrace kindness, then the possibilities for learning are endless.