Ms. Autumn - Special Education

  1. What is your experience and training and how did you come to our school?

I have worked in education in several different capacities. I did my student teaching in Japantown of SanFrancisco. I was lead teacher at an afterschool program for the Jewish community center of San Francisco while working on my undergrad at SFSU. I was selected for the Oakland Teaching Fellows after I began my work in teaching Special Education in East Oakland at Life Academy. I remember hearing about Maria Montessori in my Education classes but her work was presented as something to inform a traditional pedagogy. When looking into daycare programs for my oldest child, I quickly got on a list at HDMS for the infant toddler program.  I observed, I asked questions, I was extremely persistent and eventually had my daughter enrolled in the primary program. When my youngest was born, I took a hiatus from teaching special education/resource for WUSD and applied for an opening. Even though my education was strictly traditional, I truly believe in Montessori education and strive everyday to merge the two in a meaningful way.

  1. Why do you believe in our public charter Montessori school?

I believe in equality of education for all students. When I look at the Montessori pedagogy I see that it truly meets the needs of all students, where they are on their path, and is non-judgmental of the style or speed of learning.

  1. What are your beliefs about guiding all children- those that struggle and excel?  

Special education instruction is all about meeting the specific needs of children! All people can learn.  Kids are always asking me, “What do you teach?” and my standard answer is, “I teach everything! I teach social skills, and math and reading at writing. I work with any kid that needs any help with any thing. How lucky am I ?”

  1. What does partnering with parents and community look like for your classroom?  

I get to be a citizen of so many classrooms at HDMS. I have lots of meetings and phone calls and emails and more meetings and text messages and I see families at Sky Tavern every weekend. The parent’s of our special needs students get to spend a lot of time with me and always know that my door is open to support, or provide materials to support at home, all of the time.

  1. What is the method in which you grow professionally and personally?

I am constantly reading and learning about both special education and Montessori philosophy. Over Spring break, I will be attending my first Montessori conference in Washington DC and I am very excited.

  1. Where do you see yourself and HDMS in 5 years?

My oldest will be 10 and my youngest will be 7 so I see myself, like many of our parents are, striving to find the balance between work, school and home. I see myself as a much wiser teacher and an advocate for the needs of all children. I organize  children’s programming for Artown and I hope to find a way to meld my two worlds in the future. If you would like more information about Artown or Missoula Children’s theater, please let me know.

- Special Education

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