Ms. Tamra - Assistant Principal

  1. What is your experience and training and how did you come to our school?

In 2005 I made the tough decision to move away from my hometown in Texas to Reno in order to work at at public Montessori school, as I had been working as a teaching assistant at private Montessori schools up to that point.  I am forever grateful that the school was able to pay for my AMI Primary Montessori training in St. Louis under the guidance of one the the most prolific action researchers, the late Dr. Annette Haines.

  1. Why do you believe in our public charter Montessori school?

Public Montessori gives access to all students, which is how Montessori schools originated over 100 years ago in Italy.  Throughout my tenure at HDMS, I have been a steadfast advocate for economic and racial equity. For several years I spearheaded a grant that allowed students to come into our primary program tuition free.  I am always seeking further opportunities to create equity for families in northern Nevada.

  1. What are your beliefs about guiding all children- those that struggle and excel?

When it comes to guiding children, Dr. Montessori said it best:

“The work of the teacher is to guide the children to normalisation, to concentration. She is like the sheepdog who goes after the sheep when they stray, who conducts all the sheep inside. The teacher has two tasks: to lead the children to concentration and to help them in their development afterwards. The fundamental help in development, especially with little children of three years of age, is not to interfere. Interference stops activity and stops concentration. But do not apply the rule of non-interference when the children are still the prey of all their different naughtinesses.” (Dr. Maria Montessori, ‘The Child, Society and the World: Unpublished Speeches and Writings’, Clio Press Ltd, 16)

  1. What does partnering with parents and community look like for your classroom?  

In order for a student to succeed, families must consider the teacher and administrators partners in their child’s education. Each classroom strives to be a harmonious community, and together we all strive to build a community that is peaceful, empathetic, active, and hard-working.

  1. What is the method in which you grow professionally and personally?      

Professionally I continue to grow through expanding my education with classes in Reading. I seek all ways to balance a mental with a physical I enjoying such activities as hiking, yoga, drawing, and spending time with my family. my mindset is when that I am constantly growing and learning and I hope that I passed that on to each student and teacher that I work with.

  1. Where do you see yourself and HDMS in 5 years?

In 5 years I see High Desert Montessori School as a leader in our community in education. I know that the Montessori method will continue to expand in Northern Nevada and the country. I hope to continue to be a part of the movement to spread peace education and hands-on learning wherever I am.